As of version 5.4.6799, .Net version 4.6.1 or higher is required for all software. As of version 5.5.7138, .Net version 4.7.2 or higher is required for Colectica Portal.


January 24, 2020

Colectica Designer


  • Excel data import: add option to use second row of an Excel data file as variable labels

  • Improve summary statistic calculation from Excel data; since it doesn’t specify the column types, calculate based on DDI representation type

  • Code list editor: Drag and drop for re-ordering items


  • SAS import: read text as UTF-8, so special characters show correctly

  • Only fall back to system language when no languages are configured

  • Dataset view: filter variables by displayed text, not text of active metadata language

  • Data relationship view: show first available text, not text of active metadata language


January 15, 2020

Colectica Portal


  • Persistent baskets, allowing users to save lists of items

  • http://{item-url}/ddi-set to download a FragmentInstance including all referenced items

    • Item types can be configured to enable or disable this functionality

  • Register page: allow a welcome message to be configured

  • History view: visualize BasedOn references to show item branching

  • Configuration to determine whether concordance views are sorted ascending or descending

  • ForwardedHeadersEnabled setting


  • OAI-PMH updates

  • Performance improvements

  • Instrument flowchart: show content from interviewer instruction references in the instrument flowchart

  • Variable page: show question grids and blocks in instrument context; not just questions

  • QuestionGrid and QuestionBlock pages: show Related Variables section

  • Style changes

    • Smaller font sizes for H1 and H2

    • Less vertical spacing between tables

    • Center table cell content vertically


  • Cache PDFs based on full ID plus version number, not just identifier

  • Specify the tab order for login page, so pressing Tab goes to the first input field

  • Maintain all-questions checkbox state after a search

Colectica Questionnaires


  • Include question name in the paper form

Colectica Designer


  • Visualize BasedOn references in the History view to show item branching

  • Re-order code lists by code value

  • Context menu item to insert new codes above or below the selected code


  • PDF documentation: in frequency tables, group by valid vs missing

  • Instrument editor: reuse Actions

  • Search results: check out multiple items at a time

  • User can choose an active repository to use used for publication, updates, and determining item status

  • Don’t show deprecated items when navigating relationships in Browse Inside


  • Allow decimals to be typed in text boxes bound to numeric values (work around change in .NET 4.5)

  • Navigating from an item back to search results should maintain the search parameters

  • Show AppearsWithin and History for selected search result

  • Show code lists in data dictionary when variable frequency statistics are not available

  • Reordering datasets within a StudyUnit should not remove the dataset

  • Don’t include a blank paragraph at the top of PDF documents

  • Search results: correctly determine whether the NextPage button should be enabled

Colectica Model

  • Support GenericOutputFormat on CodeDomain

  • Support for managed representations


October 12, 2019

Colectica Designer


  • Command to apply detailed variable information to a dataset via a metadata input spreadsheet

  • Command to sync concept input sheet with ConceptScheme

  • CodeList command to alphabetize and renumber codes

  • Option to automatically expand multiple audiences in UI, when they are present


  • Summary statistic generation no longer loads all data into memory, so large datasets can be handled

  • Improved SAS missing value handling in statistics calculation

  • Allow Calculate Summary Statistics on Series or StudyUnit. Calculate for all PhysicalInstances in set.

  • Calculate frequencies for Code variables, even when they are Text in the data file


  • Include ControlledVocabulary CustomFields in PDF output

  • Read SPSS files where case count was set to -1 (Qualtrics)

Colectica Questionnaires


  • Computations

  • Blaise 5 Data Lookup


  • In-instrument search: look in condition text, statement text, instructions

  • Drag and drop: only allow dragging cards from a gripper area, not the entire card

  • Toggle in display logic editor to switch between expression builder vs native code

  • Allow reusing StatementItems

  • Save Blaise generation options across sessions


  • Ensure grid previews are redrawn after drag and drop

  • Fix: Text replacement -> Token -> Description isn’t saved when clicking Close

Colectica Portal


  • Home page: option to show lists of items, of a specified type, on the home page

  • Support addins that provide custom PDF reports per item type


  • Show the Study of a variable in basket PDFs

  • When more than 20 rows in a frequency table, sort by frequency and ellide it and show a Show More button

  • Allow client side sorting of frequency table

  • Instrument page: show PDF tab with embedded PDF viewer when External Instrument is a PDF

  • Side-by-side code comparison

  • Show concordance stats grouped by representation, instead of one giant table

  • Use a DataCollection’s Label as the header when present, instead of “Data Collection”

  • PDF per data extract (when grouped by an id-family), not per full basket


  • Don’t show all version of a Series in the search page facet box

  • Show proper question count on search page facet for the composite all-questions type

  • Remove the space between the number and the percentage signs in stats tables, to avoid unnecessary wrapping


Wednesday, May 3rd, 2019

Colectica Questionnaires


  • New question types: Choice Grids, Question Grids

  • Blaise generation for Choice Grids, Question Grids

  • Rosters

  • Set the display style for multiple choice questions

  • Re-use code lists for multiple choice questions

  • Other, specify style multiple choice questions

  • Dynamic text with token replacement

  • New item type: Note

  • Comment on items and sequences

  • Enable branching items in the design surface

  • Error report list and additional publication checks

  • Ribbon button to run error checks

  • Search with search results and click to navigate to

  • Drag and drop items in the design surface


  • When a repository is configured, default the languages for an instrument to the languages configured on the repository.

  • Edit a question’s label and description.

  • Show multiple response domains from an item in subject selection

  • Add and remove output parameters when extra domains are added/removed

  • Rename aliases from multiple response domains

  • Lookup Blaise fields by out parameter in addition to just by items

  • Better group naming for other please specify groups

  • Pass in methods to CodeList editor to allow updating parameters

  • Show type icon for parameters in Expression editor

  • Update MaterialDesignThemes

  • Codelist editor: Button to add a code, instead of requiring Enter

  • Codelist editor: Make the left side look like a list: gray, with a splitter

  • In details editors, show how many times a question or sequence is re-used

  • PDF spec updates for new question properties, QuestionGrids, Rosters

  • Prompt for confirmation before deleting an item

  • Don’t allow the same sequence as a sibling

  • Update out params on questions and grids on additem when they are missing

  • Updated paper form generation with new question types

  • Allow other specify with multiple select

  • Split Blaise 5 publisher into generate Code / generate Code and build

  • Use name and label for blaise fields for choice and question grids

  • Don’t allow duplicate codes to be entered

  • Allow publishers for Questionnaires to use whatever UI they want

  • Options dialog for Blaise publisher

  • Double click or Enter to navigate to a search result

  • Eliminate blocks where sequences can be combined (nested and within a conditional) using ShouldMinimizeBlocks

  • Generate specific Blaise validation messages with context for error reporting

  • Include EditChecks (Computation) in specification output

  • Update error list when publish is run

  • Show error list when errors are found

  • Double click or Enter on error list to jump to item


  • When a question’s name is changed, reflect the new name on the design surface immediately.

  • In the expression editor, only show a single-line preview

  • Re-run instrument validation checks after closing the Inputs dialog.

  • Show correct Alias for ExpressionSubject

  • Don’t redirect console output when launching InstrumentBuilder.exe

  • Don’t generate a question’s name to be the same name of a field enumeration it uses

  • Make sure design surface height uses full window height, even after changing bottom pane visibility

  • Handle loops with block minimization, respecting skipInParentRules

Colectica Designer


  • New ways to find items within a checkout: Search Inside and Browse Inside

  • Synchronize ConceptualVariableGroups (and other group types) with a Concept system

  • French translation

  • CompareWith command, to compare one item to another

  • Designer GUI for AuthorizationSource

  • Bulk ingest command, for importing many data files at once

  • Synchronize ConceptualVariableGroups (and other group types) with a Concept system


  • In explore/, use full width of window for concordance table; pop up details in a modal

  • In explore/, show multiple variables from a single dataset if they measure the same Conceptual Variable

  • In the navigator, automatically expand tree children when there is only one child

  • In SPSS import, sort character codes alphabetically

  • Update code lists when updating a dataset description from a data file

  • When importing codes, allow mapping to a category description

  • Calculate frequencies for defined missing values in text variables

  • Editors for TypeOfSequence

  • Button to clear search parameters

  • UI for IsGeographic and IsTemporal

  • Editor for PhysicalStructureScheme and for PhysicalStructure

  • Paging for the SearchInside dialog

  • Treat “.” category label as system missing / NaN

  • Record string mins and maxes when a metadata flag is set

  • Don’t show “NaN” in Designer frequency table

  • Don’t output commas for number with MeasurementUnit == “year”


  • Don’t collapse the navigator tree after making changes to an unmodified item

  • Don’t create null or empty tags on items when the user enters no input

  • Save agency ID when it is changed in the ribbon’s options area

  • SourceCode editor control needs to span both columns

Colectica Portal


  • French translation

  • On Variable view, show context within the dataset. Nav links to variables immediately before and after.

  • Include ProcessingEvents and ProcessingInstructions on ResourcePackage page

  • Show ProcessingEvents on the StudyUnit page

  • Show a link to missing values on in a variable’s representation section

  • Documented permissions required for all REST methods

  • Addin for custom PDFs on item pages

  • 4 Portal addin types: versionable reports, ItemList reports, versionable HTTP commands, ItemList HTTP commands

  • Timeline view when all PhysicalInstances have time periods set

  • Show ExternalAids and OtherInterviewerInstructions for QuestionActivity, ActionACtivity, and StatementActivity


  • Include RevisionNumber.txt in the deployment directory

  • For category frequencies in PDFs, only show the number of decimals specified by the NumericRepresentation’s Decimals property

  • Only use non-deprecated PhysicalInstances in the ConcordanceViewComponent

  • Sort AppearsWithin items, which are grouped by type, alphabetically

  • Left align “% of valid” and “% of all”, so they are more prominent

  • For explore/data, load VariableGroup directly from PhysicalInstance instead of relationship search

  • ReST API improvements when recieving invalid requests

  • Mark some request model properties as Required in the swagger spec

  • Move things from Portal.Exensibility to main Portal and ViewModel projects

  • In SpssBuilder, assign value labels based on ManagedMissingValues

  • Show NoDataByDefinition and GridAttachment info in Portal

  • Populate RepVar and ConVar for statistics view component

  • Allow explore/ to work for multiple ConceptSchemes

  • On explore page, when no ConceptScheme is configured, show a list of all ConceptSchemes

  • Show variable count on the PhysicalInstance page

  • Nicer link formatting for “Explore dataset” on the PhysicalInstance page

  • On Basket page and for data downloads, organize Variables by IdFamily, configured in appsettings

  • Optionally prepend wave information to variables to make wide datasets

  • Make the SubGroup page match the Group page. Linear information display instead of tabs.

  • Link to PhysicalInstance and Variable pages from the header in the CodeComparison

  • Linear display instead of tabs for PhysicalInstance page

  • Case insensitive matching for code comparison tables

  • Add more variable information to PDFs


  • In PDFs, trim text within table cells to prevent overflow

  • When writing data extracts to CSV and SPSS, write string data correctly.

  • When writing PDFs for baskets, correctly handle multiple variables from different datasets that have the same name.

  • Obey result ordering in search.

  • When indexing multiple data files that do not have a case identifier specified, use a global counter instead of a per-file counter, to avoid merging unrelated cases.

  • For concordance, find column order based on sub-series, not just series

  • Don’t show “(0)” in search facets when not using Elasticsearch

  • Use Repository search, not Elasticsearch, for determining set roots on the Search page

  • When anonymous access is disables, Don’t redirect to login on when calling the openid callback prior to authentication.

  • Ensure that categories are populated on the ManagedMissingValuesRepresentation page

  • Show variable and question lists in explore/ even if elastic is not in use

  • Lineage: don’t show this when there is only one thing in it (self)

  • Correctly set PDF margins

Colectica Repository


  • Search within set for PostgreSQL

  • Get collections of comments


  • Oracle and PostgreSQL search code paths are now seperated

  • Ship the Config.dist

  • Don’t include deprecated items in latest item counts

  • Add Npgsql to workflow service and installer, with appropriate dependencies

Colectica SDK


  • New task based calls for WCF

  • Use MarkDig for markdown

  • Have IOutputBuilder also return byte[]

  • Generation type properties for category

  • 3.2 extensions for Name, Label, and Description on PhysicalStructure

  • Serialization for AttachmentLocation-> DomainSpecificValue (attachmentDomain, Value)

  • read and write for NoDataByDefinition and its CellCoordinatesAsDefined

  • Support audiences in dynamic text serializer

  • DDI 2.5 generation and use of ddiLifecycleUrn attributes

  • Add DDI 2.5 xml schemaset to ddi model validation

  • Add AuthorizationSource to study unit and group

  • Add RecommendedDataType and GenericOutputFormat to response domains

  • Move difference detection from Core to Commands and Model

  • Added list of DublinCore.Identifiers

  • Added ExternalAid and InterviewerInstructionReference to control constructs


  • Serialize the CollectionEvent CodeValue properties even if they only have content in the properties that are stored as attributes

  • Only include populated items in item list from DDIReader

  • Update quality standard serialization

  • Audience updates

    • read first text node only when no additional mixed content

    • read mixed content with starting text node

    • read mixed content with starting element

    • fallback to Text xml:lang when audienceLanguage is not set

    • strip xhtml namespaces and prefixes to make imported xhtml text look like html5

    • audience parsing refactoring

  • change DDI version to version 2.5

  • change all DDI 2 elements to ddi:codebook:2_5 namespace

  • Allow SetPopulator to use GetLatestSet

  • More types in accept types on groups/study

Colectica for Excel


  • Replace backslash character in dataset names for sheet import

  • Skip null tag values when reading tags