Monday, February 27, 2012


Repository SQL Server support
Repository Active Directory integration for Repository and Portal
Portal Display formatted text
Designer Repository synchronization improvements
Designer Site-wide configuration for custom fields, repositories
Designer Blaise import improvements
Designer New Item Picker
Designer Rich Text/HTML formatting
Designer Multiple Designer local repositories per machine
All Additional DDI 3 model coverage
All Expanded metadata coverage for Series and Data Collection


All Miscellaneous fixes


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Designer Blaise code generation improvements
Designer Annotations on all item types
Designer Attachments for all item types
Designer Improved SPSS import
Designer Customizable templates for PDF documentation generation
Designer Improvements to the repository synchronization process
Designer Automatic code and category harmonization upon import from DDI 2 and SPSS
Designer Performance improvements
Designer HTML documentation generation


All Miscellaneous fixes


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Repository New Product: Colectica Repository
Repository Multiple users can synchronize locally-stored projects and resources with Colectica Repository
Repository User-defined state designations (e.g., “Test”, “Development”, “Production”)
Designer Display differences between two versions of an item
Designer Import from SPSS
Designer Compute descriptive statistics for datasets
Designer Generate CSPro source code
Designer Write command files for datasets
Designer Generate R source code
Designer Improved DDI 2 import
Designer Export to DDI 2
Designer Two level DDI validation reports
Designer Performance enhancements for item lists
Designer Optionally, include log file when sending feedback
Designer Significant usability enhancements
Express Contextual ribbon commands
Reader XML Viewer
Portal Paging for search pages
All Broader coverage of the DDI 3 model


All Miscellaneous fixes


May 7, 2010

Designer Physical dataset management
Designer Import from DDI 2 (Nesstar)
Designer Usability improvements


March 15, 2010

Designer Generate PDF and RTF documentation
Designer Repository access performance improvements
Designer Miscellaneous optimizations and fixes


February 16, 2010

Designer New version of the CASES parser and importer


February 6, 2010

All Miscellaneous optimizations and fixes


February 3, 2010

Designer Usability improvements
Desiner Enhanced import from existing survey instruments


January 14, 2010

Designer Enable DDI 3.1 import
Designer More useful display of survey instrument import errors


Saturday, January 9, 2010

All Initial public release