November 30th, 2021

Colectica Portal


  • Linux support

  • Show concordance tables with multiple series without configuration, ordered alphabetically by series title

  • Support ApiId and ApiKey for Elasticsearch client


  • Upgrade to .NET 5

  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 5 css

  • Accessibility improvements for portal, WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 on level A and AA, as well as a number of best practices

  • Find PhysicalInstances inside ResourcePackages for concordance tables

  • Only include identity and IsPopulated properties for unpopulated items in json

  • Add Anti-CSRF Tokens to all forms

  • Remove all inline javascript, set script CSP headers

  • Remove inline css styles, set style CSP headers

  • Append a version hash for all external .js and .css files

  • Windows Authentication settings have moved to windowsauth.settings.json

  • sanitize string inputs for custom content within the Admin view

  • feature flags for HTTP security settings, CSP, XFrameOptions, XContentTypeOptions, HttpsRedirect, StrictTransportSecurity, and ReferrerPolicy

  • Handle PhysicalInstances in (Sub)Group->ResourcePackages, when building comparative stats tables

  • Don’t cache Instruments in populated-items for question-in-context views

  • Unify aspnet logging with serilog


  • handle Questionnaires not yet supporting controlled vocabulary lookups

  • When constructing elasticsearch queries, only use “_*” for multilingual strings

  • ensure category labels are shown in frequencies table

  • Explore variables Javascript issue when navigating, “SelectedLifeStages is not a function”

  • Fix for mis-aligned stats tables. When a variable references both ConceptualVariable and RepresentedVariable, when building variable concordance view, only consider the RepresentedVariable relationship

Colectica Designer


  • Controlled vocabulary configuration

  • XPath validation: for each XPath on a line in a user-specified file, find and report matches

  • PhysicalInstance editor: nice way to organize variables into groups

  • Validation for PhysicalInstances, to ensure variables are in one and only one group


  • Use CodeValue instead of string for CountryCode, VariableRole, and TypeofMaterial

  • detect empty Code.Category in Analyze Instrument command

  • Alphabetize items in the Open from Repository window

  • Select multiple items in Designer search results, and add a Deprecate command to the context menu

  • Updated third party UI libraries to latest versions

  • Replace QuickGraph with QuikGraph and GraphSharp with GraphShape


  • handle no code in ncube CanPreview

  • editing references inside funding informations in studies and groups

Colectica Repository


  • Linux support

  • add json set to the rest api

  • allow creating filtered nested json sets for NSD

  • feature flag to require schema validation of items prior to adding to a transaction


  • Repository and Portal are now contained in the same installation

  • rewrite keyword and subject indexing

  • Removed SOAP and WCF support. REST is the preferred api.

  • Windows Authentication settings have moved to windowsauth.settings.json

Colectica SDK


  • Search for UserIDs from the DdiItemIndexer


  • Remove custom IL weavers


  • work around required concept item in DDI 3.3 unittype

  • subsgroups serialized as 3.3 groups

  • 3.3 changes to SpatialCoverage highest and lowest level names

Colectica Questionnaires and Blaise Colectica Questionnaires


  • Scrollbar for Response tab of question editor

  • Scrolling for the display logic window


  • after running create a copy, re-load the displayed sequence’s children so that the new item is the active one

  • Show accurate code list reference counts. 1 upon creation, and only as referenced questions later

  • Only count questions as used if their QuestionActivity is also referenced by something

  • Only show addin commands in Questionnaires if they work against an Instrument

Colectica Workflow


  • Windows Authentication settings have moved to windowsauth.settings.json


  • skip user database migration if using windows authentication