January 27th, 2021

Colectica Portal


  • Azure Active Directory authentication options

  • IDs for concordance table rows

  • Allow setting DefaultNewUserRole for user registration, jwt, and openid connect

  • DDI 3.3 Set downloads

  • Browse by topics from the home page

  • On Concept pages, show related items (series, studies, groups)

  • On Organization and Universe pages, show related series and studies

  • On Variable and Question pages, show groups in which item is a member

  • Many Localization improvements

  • Add workflow request preview feature to portal 6

  • Browse by topics from the home page

  • Concise concordance table

  • Checkboxes to toggle concordance columns per series

  • Configure whether data is downloadable per identifier family

  • Configuration for whether to prefer the main Title or the AlternateTitle for concordance column headers

  • Show a “not enabled” message in details modal when ConVar item type is not enabled

  • Populate Archive objects for StudyUnit pages, so the name can be displayed

  • CSV export for statistical classifications

  • externalize messages for email notifications to allow localization

  • Add CSV download link next to StatisticalClassification items in baskets

  • Make the inline search page help localizable

  • Localization for JS welcome tours

  • Make cookie bar text translatable

  • Support direct Variable -> ConceptualVariable relationships in the variable concordance view

  • Localization for data annotations validation errors

  • Add Repository transaction api to Rest api


  • Validate Smtp settings before use

  • Use appsettings insead of web UI to configure REST API

  • Improved user lists and role lists in Admin view

  • Show descriptive stats in concordance view

  • Sort box chart stats correctly

  • Don’t show frequency table header when there are no codes

  • Show home page item counts in the proper item type order

  • For concordance views, also look for PhysicalInstances inside StudyUnit -> ResourcePackage

  • Only show basket Star button when the user is authenticated

  • When Windows auth is used, use the authenticated Windows username for Basket operations

  • For concordance table, only consider PhysicalInstances if they are the latest version

  • Start on concise concordance table, just showing series and variable count information without all the columns

  • Modal when clicking a concordance row in concise concordance table

  • Proper basket functionality for concordance rows in concise concordance table

  • Use localized date formats

  • Move client language selection to a dropdown checkbox list

  • Remember language selection across pages

  • Show cards with images for items on the home page and for concepts/topics

  • CSS identifiers for items in the sidebar

  • Sort top level classification items alphabetically

  • ID and class names for data collection sections

  • Don’t use deprecated ConceptualVariableGroups in the Explore view

  • Show all information about Archive items

  • For lists of Concepts without thumbnail images, show a list instead of thumbnail squares

  • For classifications that only have one level, do not show the Hierarchical view

  • Unique HTML id for sections created by the RelatedItemsList view component

  • Progress bar when opening details view should show in the modal, not the main content area

  • upgrade bootstrap to 3.4.1

  • add metadata attributes to token endpoint

  • Include fontawesome

  • Custom header, footer, and favicon when they are present in the theme

  • In tours, Make the “Next” button translatable

  • In Home tour, only show info about nav buttons if they are displayed

  • Sort variables by the order they appear within a PhysicalInstance, instead of an arbitrary order

  • For concordance tables, always look for Variable -> ConceptualVariable relationships, not only when no RepVars are present

  • No markdown for versionable item’s ItemName and Label


  • Length limits on some Portal settings

  • Fix Linear classification item display

  • Fix display issue in Linear classification table view

  • Fix error in classification item table

  • Set CurrentCulture for all controllers, not just in the Item controller

  • Show sub concepts in proper order

  • In Portal Classification view, only include child classifications when they are actually items in the given classification. Previously, items outside the classification, or Predecessor and Successor items were included.

  • actually use the memory cache for caching language sort order setting

  • Allow custom footers to stretch full width

  • Make sure the cookie bar shows up

  • Fix table display issues when multiple variables in a single PhysicalInstance map to a ConceptualVariable

Colectica Designer


  • REST http transport option for Repository connections

  • Azure Active Directory option for Repository connections

  • One command to duplicate items and allow the user to choose the behavior

  • Duplicate item options for copying direct children or all descendents

  • New command to clear RepVar and ConVar references from all variables in a dataset

  • During concordance ingest, more efficient method of finding RepresentedVariables that already point to ConceptualVariables

  • Context menu command to remove all items from a MultipleReferencePickerControl

  • Implement DefiningConceptReference for StudyUnit and Group

  • Repair Database command to ensure latest column is set

  • Editing for Name, Label, Description, and RelationshipType properties

  • Add “Unknown” to RecordRelationshipTypes

  • Use transaction API for command to ensure children are latest versions

  • Use the specific diff detectors for Instrument and PhysicalInstance

  • New validation report to check validity of HTML

  • Show validation result Messages in the validation report


  • When computing stats for Code variables, correctly use Numeric vs Text counter

  • ConcordanceImportService variable name matching improvements

  • For concordance sheet dataset locator columns, also match against AlternateTitle

  • Allow tab separated concordance input sheets

  • Determine which type of stats calculator to create based on the data file type, not the type info in the metadata

  • In concordance ingest, do not report unfound “variables” from columns that don’t represent a dataset locator

  • Create dataset from instrument command: only create a PhysicalInstance with Variables; no longer create LogicalProducts, VariableSchemes, etc

  • In concepts.xlsx ingest file, accept a column named either Concept or Topic (to match documentation)

  • When ingesting concordance sheets, create a ConceptualVariableGroup hierarchy when one does not already exist

  • Don’t require variables to be selected for RecordRelationship

  • Speed improvements when committing items

  • speed up remove item significantly, allow specifying individual ids when updating latest flag

  • Repository configuration UI updates

  • turn off using spell checker for word breaking


  • Blaise fixes: backslash-escaped double quotes, and allow LAYOUT TEMPLATE names to be unquoted

  • Remove redundant VariantPurpose field from classification editor

  • Don’t allow DuplicateItem on ClassificationItems, since we don’t have enough info about where to put the new item.

  • Scroll bars for variable lists in RecordRelationshipControl

Colectica Repository


  • move transaction cleanup to a new transaction scope

  • Configurable CommandTimeout for RepositoryService


  • if the wcf data contract serializer set collections to null when missing from non c# clients, re-instantiate them

  • Task.Run for synchronous over async AddItem

Colectica SDK


  • Rest repository client

  • Azure Active Directory authentication options

  • portal request models to Model assembly

  • Implement AddChild for ClassificationSeries, so DuplicateItem works under it

  • Thumbnail and Banner images on IVersionable

  • add tostring for custom fields


  • When streaming items, use a new serializer per item so all items aren’t cached

  • set IsValid to true by default for classifications


  • UnitTypeSchemeReference is in the reusable namespace in 3.3

  • empty nation handling in DDI 2 import

Colectica Toolkit


  • Allow an –item option on repository exporter, to export just that item’s set

  • add OnlyDeprecated and ExcludeDeprecated to repository exporter

  • Timeout configuration for importer and exporter CLI tools

  • MetadataConverter console application: Read/write all supported DDI formats; allow user to specify language

  • SpssToDdi console application: allow writing to all supported DDI formats

  • Documentation generator console application: use new ReportBuilder; support all DDI formats as inputs; allow HTML generation

  • Blaise and CASES importer console applications: support all DDI 3 output formats; allow specifying the language


  • Validator console application: support DDI 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3

  • Don’t get repository item sets for existence testing

  • Report counts of items that already exist

  • For 3.3 fragment files via a RepositoryClient, use transaction calls to register items

  • Exporter: Handle DDI 3.1 items and deprecated items

  • Packaging for RepositoryExport and RepositoryImport

Colectica Datasets


  • Support Date custom fields in Datasets (SNZ request)

  • Language configuration in Datasets

  • Allow Date type for variables

  • Editor for one or two configured languages


  • Edit multilingual strings using a dialog, when more than 2 languages are in use

  • Remove built-in “Access Rights” field on PhysicalInstance


  • Persist settings across assembly version changes

Colectica Questionnaires and Blaise Colectica Questionnaires


  • Set Language on TextBoxes in Questionnaires

  • Language specific spell checking in Questionnaires

  • Set FlowDirection=RightToLeft when appropriate in Designer and Questionnaires

  • Proper right-to-left in Questionnaires preview cards


  • Checks when using CodeDomain.Codes for Blaise 5 generation

Colectica for Excel


  • Choice for missing as blank cells for all import formats

  • convert blank to missing options for SPSS and Stata import


  • don’t convert SPSS and stata missing to zero by default


  • a blank line in Excel imports on row 21002 in some specific cases

  • fix race condition in sas importer, read after free

  • fix tagged missing value handling

  • fix missing as blank in excel sas import

  • fix sas import when not converting to blank, can’t set character tags on numeric columns

Colectica Report Generation


  • Show Study/Group.DefiningConcept in Portal and in PDFs


  • Html from Migra tweaks: set font, right align table cells when appropriate. header spacing around info tables


  • In PhysicalInstance docs, don’t show description twice

  • Fix CSS for table cells that are both right aligned and shaded

Colectica Workflow


  • set workflow service to 64 bit anycpu