Colectica Workflow ServicesΒΆ

Colectica Workflow Services allows you to manage your data publication process by providing a publication workflow for DDI metadata. Users may submit publication requests and Administrators may review and approve publications.

Colectica Workflow Services works by moving information from one instance of Colectica Repository to another. Filters can be applied as whole sets of information are moved from one repository to another, such as between a private and public repository view. The Workflow Service can apply filters to specific item and even individual fields, as configured by an Administrator, to prevent the disclosure of non-public information in the public metadata.

Colectica Workflow Services 7 is a cross platform re-write, and is now also available for use in production.

Funding for Colectica Workflow Services is provided by individual customer feature requests and provided for free to all customers with multiple Colectica Repositories.