The Explore view lets you find items by browsing concepts or topics.

Concept Tree

The left bar of the Explore page shows a hierarchical list of concepts, or topics. Select one of these concepts to browse the portal for variables, questions, and other metadata about that topic.

Concordance Table

The concordance table shows variables from different datasets, times, or populations in a comparable way. Each row describes the information measured by a variable. Each column represents a different dataset, time, or population for which a measurement exists. Each cell displays the name of a specific variable.

Select a row to view details about the variables in that row.


The concordance table’s detail view shows comparative statistics about the selected row.

Compare Codes

The concordance table’s Compare Codes view lets you quickly see differences in how a variable was measured in different datasets or at different points in time. The rows of this table represent a categorical value. The columns represent each dataset that contains a measurement for the selected variable. The cells indicate the coded value used in that dataset to represent the categorical value.

Variable List

The variable list shows all the variables for the selected concept. Select a variable to view its details, including detailed description, summary statistics, and source materials.

Question List

The question list shows all the questions for the selected concept. Select a question to view its details, including detailed description, questionnaires that use the question, and variables with data from the question.

Study List

The study list shows all the studies for the selected concept. Select a study to view its details, including citation information and related datasets.