Item Details

Title and Breadcrumbs

The title bar of each item details page shows several pieces of information.

  • The title of the item

  • Breadrumbs showing the context of the item. Click a breadcrumb to navigate to that item’s detail page.

  • A basket icon that allows you to add the item to your basket


Colectica Portal is highly configurable. The breadcrumbs and basket icon may not be available on your portal, depending on the configuration.

Appears Within

The Appears Within section shows which other items reference the current item. Click one of the items to navigate to that item’s detail page.


The Information section shows basic administrative item about the current item.


The authoritative agency for the item


The unique identifier of the item


The version number of the item

Last Updated

The date and time the item was published

Updated by

The person who published the item


The log message provided when the item was published


The History section shows a list of previous versions of the item. Click one of the previous versions to view the item as it was at that time.


The Download section lets you download the item in various formats.


A PDF document containing all the item’s content.

DDI 3.2

A standardized DDI 3.2 XML file

DDI 3.1

A standardized DDI 3.1 XML file


A JSON file with the item’s content. JSON is useful for programmatic access to the item’s information.


The main content area of the item details page shows all the metadata defined for the item. Depending on the item type, this information may be organized into multiple tabs.

Users Also Viewed

The Users Also Viewed area lists items most frequently viewed by other users of the site who have visited the current item’s page.