Add a conditional branchΒΆ

Colectica allows you to add conditional branches that are only executed when a certain condition is true.

  1. Click the Add an item button.

  2. In the popup menu, click the IfElse button.

  3. A new conditional is created and its editor is opened.

  4. To create a branch, click the add button.

  5. Enter your condition.



    You can enter your expression in plain language or using pseudocode. If you are writing for a specific computer-assisted interviewing system, you can specify source code for that system.

  6. Your conditional branch will appear in the live preview.

  7. To add questions or other nested items within the branch, click the drill into button for your branch.

  8. You will be taken to an empty survey designer. Anything you add here is only applicable to your chosen branch.

  9. To go back to the top level of your questionnaire, use the breadcrumb bar.