Configure the Curation SystemΒΆ

  1. Open the Curation Web Application using a web browser. Ensure all appropriate system components are working.

  2. Click Initial Configuration to create an organization and administrative user.

    Site Name

    Enter the hostname as the site name

    Organization Name

    Enter the name of the organization

    Agency ID

    Use your domain name if you do not have a DDI agency identifier

    See also

    To obtain a DDI agency identifier, visit

    Administrator Email Address

    Enter the email address of the main administrator. This will also be the username for the administrator account.


    Enter the password for the main administrator account.

  3. To test that the site was succesfully configured, log in to the site using the administrator account.


    After logging in you will be taken to the Administration area, where you can configure settings and create new users.

  4. Click Site Settings to configure storage locations.

    The Ingest Directory, Processing Directory, and Archive Directory are required for proper functionality.


    See also

    See the Site Administrator Guide for more information on configuring the curation tools.