Software Components

The Colectica Curation Tools consist of two open source tools: the Curation Web Application and the Curation Service. These two tools serve as glue to bring together several off-the-shelf components to provide a rich curation environment.

The following software components are used as part of the Colectica Curation Tools.

Software License Company Required?
Curation Web Application Open Source Colectica Yes
Curation Service Open Source Colectica Yes
Colectica Repository Commercial Colectica No
Colectica Portal Commercial Colectica No
Microsoft SQL Server Commercial Microsoft Corporation Yes
Stat/Transfer Commercial Circle Systems, Inc. No
ClamAV GPL Cisco Systems, Inc. No
R GPL R Core Team No

The functionality provided by each of these components is described below.

Curation Web Application

  • The Curation Web Application allows Depositors, Curators, and Administrators to submit, review, process, and publish data.


The Curation Web Application will be released as an open source project after further testing and packaging.

Curation Service

  • The Curation Service performs long-running and automated tasks.
  • These tasks are triggered by users interacting with the Curation Web Application or by other state changes.


The Curation Service will be released as an open source project after further testing and packaging.

Colectica Repository

  • Colectica Repository stores all metadata in DDI Lifecycle format.
  • Stores variable level information
  • Automatically extracts variable level information from SPSS, Stata, CSV, and Excel files
  • Provides functionality for web-based variable browsing and editing

Colectica Portal

  • Colectica Portal allows users to browse and search published DDI metadata on the Web.

Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Express

  • Colectica Curation Tools uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database.

See also

See for information about Microsoft SQL Server.


  • ClamAV is an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.
  • Colectica Curation Tools uses ClamAV to scan deposited files.

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  • Stat/Transfer is used to convert *.dta, *.sav, and *.rdata files to CSV

files. This happens during the publication process after publication is approved, and before the archive package is created.


  • R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.
  • Colectica Curation Tools use the R software to extract variable-level metadata from RData files.

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