Data Model

The Curator software works with the following types of entities.

Catalog Record

Catalog records contain one or more files and metadata describing a study and its data.

Data File

Data files contain quantitative data, and may be in plain text, Excel, Stata, SPSS, or other formats.

Other Material

Other Material is any file other than a data file. Examples include codebooks and readme files. Other Materials can be attached to Catalog Records.


An organization contains one or more users.


The Curator software has different types of users. A user belongs to an organization and has one or more permissions.


The following permissions can be assigned to users. These permissions can be combined to create different roles.

  • Assign permissions to other users

  • View all catalog records

  • Assign curators to catalog records

  • Edit organization details

  • Create catalog records

  • Upload files

  • Perform curation tasks

  • Request catalog record publication

  • Approve catalog records for publication

  • View private content

  • View published content

  • Create users

  • Modify users