Version 0.5.281

Released April 29, 2015


Deposit and Curation

  • On “Submit for Curation” provide hyperlinks to milssing required fields

  • Create Coded variables from Numeric variables, automatically detecting unique codes

  • Improve varible editor styles

  • Update the instructions for confidentiality and embargo statement fields

  • Remove files from a catalog record

  • Interstitial progress page when accessing a locked record, with automatic redirection

  • Allow multiple selection of Confidential, Embargo, and Other restriction types

User Onboarding

  • Welcome and branding on the login page

  • New users should agree to the Terms of Service


  • Administrator view for background operations

  • Administrator view to show all locked catalog records

  • Email administrators when new users sign up

  • Accurate statistics on dashboard, and improve the styling


  • Allow site administrators to access and edit all catalog records

  • Allow adding notes to managed files that are not data files

  • Request Handle identifiers for the generated DDI 3.2 XML file

  • Don’t reset file status to Pending after saving changes to file metadata

Version 0.5.264

Released March 27, 2015


Deposit and Curation

  • In File Upload, auto-apply information from the first file to subsequent files of the same type

  • New task: for unknown file types, curator should manually create a preservation format for that file

  • Don’t allow depositors to edit catalog records or files after submitting for curation

Administration and Initial Configuration

  • Admin view to show status of system components

  • Show status of system components on FirstRun page

  • Add configurable email alerts for system errors

  • Enforce administrative permissions

  • User-specific navigation, so Admin link only shows to admins

  • Easier user permission editing

  • Allow setting and unsetting site-admin permission for users


  • Upgrade bootstrap and use a more robust responsive layout


  • Fix URLs in email notifications

  • Set AgencyID on FirstRun page

  • Don’t allow FirstRun setup to be run twice

  • Don’t fail silently when the initial adminstrative user is given a non-validating password

  • User and organization creation fixes