Identify Potential Errors in Data FilesΒΆ

The curator should check for out-of-range and missing values.

  1. For a data file, the select the Identify Potential Data Errors task.

  2. The review page will show the following information:

    1. Instructions indicating how to perform this review.
    2. Summary statistics for each variable.
    3. Metadata about each variable, including labels, data type, and data constraints.
  3. Review each summary statistic to verify that the statistics fall within the expected values for the variable.

  4. If you determine that the metadata specifies incorrect constraints for a variable, the correct the metadata for the variable.

  5. If determine that the data contains invalid values, the download the data file, correct the issue, and upload the fixed data file.

  6. Once you are satisfied that the data and metadata are correct, enter any desired comments and mark the task as complete.