Compare Questionnaires, Codebooks, and DataΒΆ

The curator should confirm that variable and value labels are consistent across metadata and other associated files, e.g., question text in PDFs or text files. The curator should also confirm that recoded or otherwise transformed variables in a data set are properly described in metadata and other associated files.

  1. For a data file, select the Compare Questionnaire, Codebook, and Data task.

  2. The review page will show the following information:

    1. Instructions indicating how to perform this review.
    2. A list of all variables and their labels
    3. A link to download all known documents that may contain metadata about the variable.
  3. For each variable, review the documents for metadata about that variable and ensure the metadata exists and is consistent.

    1. If the metadata does not exist or is inconsistent, update the metadata as appropriate.
    2. You can also add comments about the data file or any variable.
  4. After making changes to the metadata, the curation system creates a new version of the data file with any updated labels.

  5. When complete, enter any desired comments and mark the task as complete.