Colectica Sessions

Introduction to the Colectica Platform

  • Overview of each of the Colectica products

    • Colectica Desktop Applications
    • Colectica for Excel
    • Colectica Repository
    • Colectica Portal
    • Colectica Workflow
    • Colectica RDF Services
    • Colectica Toolkit
    • Colectica SDK

Colectica Designer Training for End Users

  • Introduction to Colectica
  • Configuring repository access
  • Using a repository for collaboration and version control
  • Documenting concepts and general study design
  • Designing data collection instruments
  • Analyzing instruments
  • Generating source code for Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI) systems
  • Importing, visualizing, and analyzing existing CAI source code
  • Documenting data products
  • Publishing documentation to repositories accessible within an organization or worldwide
  • In depth walkthrough: using Colectica to manage a study chosen by your organization

Colectica Repository Training for Administrators

  • Deploying the Colectica Repository
  • Configuring the Colectica Repository
  • Deploying the Colectica Repository’s dependencies
  • Maintaining the repository’s database
  • Deploying Colectica Designer
  • Configuring Colectica Designer for repository access
  • Security considerations
  • Deploying the Colectica Repository using a resolution service

Eurostat Quality Reporting with DDI, SDMX, and Colectica

  • Learn about DDI 3.2 support for quality statements
  • Describe SIMS quality information with Colectica
  • Enter quality information with Colectica
  • Generate SDMX ESMS and ESQRS reports

Colectica Portal Overview

  • Non-technical introduction to Colectica Portal’s features
  • Technical introduction to Colectica Portal’s architecture

Colectica SDK Workshop

  • Training on any desired portions of Colectica SDK
  • Pair programming of any desired functionality