Colectica Maintenance Plans

A Colectica Maintenance Plan helps you to protect your software investment. Customers receive priority product support for a designated number of support contacts, as well as all product upgrades that are released during the period of the maintenance contract.


Standard Maintenance

Premier Maintenance

Knowledge Base









Number of support incidents



Number of customer contacts



Guaranteed response time

1 business day

2 business hours

Invitation to participate in product planning



Colectica Deployment

If you prefer not to deploy the Colectica Repository or client applications yourself, Colectica and its affiliates can deploy it for you. Our deployment services include installation, configuration, and testing of the selected Colectica components as well as all dependencies.

In some cases we are able to provide deployment services remotely.

Colectica Customization

While the Colectica platform contains many features, you may require additional functionality in order to get the most out of Colectica. The Colectica development team can add specific features or create a customized edition of the Colectica platform for your organization.

Integration with Existing Systems

If your organization has existing data and metadata systems, we can create custom bridges that enable Colectica to work with your existing data and for your existing systems to make use of data and metadata generated through Colectica. We can work with other DDI-based systems, other standards, or proprietary formats.

Import from Legacy Systems

If you have data and metadata in legacy formats that you would like migrated to Colectica’s standards-based system, we are able to develop importers that enable this.


If the Colectica user interface has not already been translated to your language, we are able to create a localized version.

Survey Development

Creating survey instruments for Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI) systems often requires knowledge of specialized computer languages. For organizations that do not specialize in this type of development, the burden of learning the intricacies of a CAI system may not prove cost-effective.

Colectica will create a CAI instrument to your specifications. We have experience working with many CAI systems, including Blaise, CASES, CS Pro, and others.

In addition to receiving the executable source code, you will receive full documentation in the form of diagrams, codebooks, and DDI 3 metadata.

Metadata Preparation

Large metadata preparation projects are labor intensive. Since these projects are often done infrequently, it can be a burden for organizations to hire and train staff who will only be employed for a short period of time. Colectica’s metadata preparation services can solve this problem.

In most cases, Colectica will develop tools to parse your existing data from its source form and publish it to a Colectica Repository from which you have full access to your metadata over the web, through the Colectica Designer, or in standards-based formats. In situations where automatic data migration is not possible, Colectica can manually process your data.

We have experience preparing many types of metadata.

Survey Instruments

Colectica can create publishable instrument diagrams and code books from your existing data collection instruments. By linking data documentation to documentation of the origin of the data, researchers can get a clearer picture of the data with which they are working.

Classification Development

Colectica can create classification schemes for your open-ended data. In cases where an appropriate standard exists, we will use it. For open-ended data without a relevant standard, we can create a classification that accurately encompasses your data.

In order to aid in the coding of your data, we will provide your classification to you in DDI format. Examples of classification schemes we have already transformed include the International Classification of Disease (ICD-9 and ICD-10) and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Open-ended Coding

Colectica can code your open-ended data to a standardized classification. We use text-classification algorithms to speed coding, along with manual double-coding and review to ensure accuracy.

Data Documentation

Colectica can prepare documentation for your analysis data sets in the form of fully searchable and easy-to-browse code books. Your documentation will include variable descriptions, links to original data source information, cross references, and summary statistics.