Business Process Sessions

Use Case Discovery and Business Process Development

  • Open discussion of your agency’s use cases and requirements

  • Learn how DDI and Colectica may fit with your use cases, based on Colectica’s experience at other agencies

  • Build structured workflows that leverage well-defined metadata to drive processes, including:

    • Data collection

    • Data processing

    • Data documentation and annotation

    • Data tabulation and analysis

    • Data dissemination

    • Archiving

    • Regulatory reporting

Information Inventory

We will work with your staff to discover, categorize, and report on your organization’s information resources. Before this session, a current information manifest form, provided by Colectica, will be completed by the client.

Potential sources of information include:

  • Structured information

    • Computer-assisted data collection software and source code

    • Data files

    • Spreadsheets

    • XML (both standardized and non-standardized)

    • Information available via Web Services

  • Free-form information

    • Text files

    • Word documents

    • PDFs

    • Web pages