Update a Checkout

When you want to pull changes from the server to your local copy, you can update your checkout.

  1. Select the checkout you wish to update.

  2. Click the Update button on the ribbon. The Synchronization Wizard will appear and will check for changes to your items.

  3. If any changes are found on the remote repository that you have not yet downloaded, the wizard will show you the changes.

  4. If any conflicts are present, resolve the conflicts (see Resolve Conflicts below).

View changes

While viewing incoming changes, you can view what has changed compared to your own copy.

  1. Right click an item.

  2. Choose the Show Differences command from the context menu.

Colectica will show the Difference Viewer window outlining what changes have been made.

Resolve conflicts

If you have made changes to items that somebody else has already made changes to and committed to the remote repository, those items will be in conflict. If conflicts are present, the synchronization wizard will display the items that are in a conflicted state.

To view the difference between your version and the remote repository’s version, follow the instructions in the View Changes section above.

To resolve a conflict:

  1. Right click a conflicted item.

  2. Choose either the Use Mine or Replace with latest from server menu item, depending on whether you want to use your copy or the remote copy.