Colectica is able to import information from the following version of DDI:

  • DDI 3.2
  • DDI 3.1
  • DDI 2.x / Nesstar [1]


Importing other types of DDI 2 files may also work, but is not explicitly tested or supported. Please contact us if you have existing data you would like to import and we can work with you to support your formats.

  1. Click the Import DDI button from the Import ribbon tab.

  2. The import wizard will open. Click the Choose input files button to select the file you wish to import.

  3. Click the Next button.

  4. Colectica will automatically determine the version of the DDI in the file. If you are importing DDI 2, Colectica will attempt to determine the language of the metadata within the file. If the language cannot be determined, you will be prompted for some more information. In this case, provide the information and click the Next button.

  5. Colectica will read the DDI file and show you a summary of its contents.

  6. Click the Finish button.

  7. Colectica will import your data. Depending on the size of the DDI 3 file, this may take a few minutes.


[1]Nesstar is a product of the Norwegian Social Science Data Services.