Colectica Repository allows marking an item as deprecated. Deprecated items do not show up in search results unless explicitly requested.

To deprecate or undeprecate items, use the Deprecate command.


Deprecation states can only be modified on the repository by users with the ColecticaAdministrator role. Items in your local database cannot be deprecated.

  1. Navigate to an item under a repository.

  2. Click the Deprecate button in the ribbon.

  3. In the deprecation options dialog, choose the appropriate options.

    Deprecate all items in set

    Marks all items referenced by the active item, in addition to the item itself

    Modify all versions

    Determines whether all versions of the item should be marked deprecated, or only the open version.

  4. If working on a set of items, a summary of the changes to be made will be displayed. Click Continue to accept the changes, or Cancel to cancel the changes.

  5. A summary of the deprecated items is displayed