Delete from RepositoryΒΆ

Administrators can delete items from Colectica Repository.

To delete an item, use the Delete from Repository command.


Items can only be deleted on the repository by users with the ColecticaAdministrator role.


After an item is deleted, it is impossible to restore it unless you have a database backup.

  1. Navigate to an item under a repository.

  2. Click the Delete from Repository button in the ribbon.

  3. In the options dialog, choose the appropriate options.


    Determines whether to delete only the active item, or the active item plus all its descendants.

    Behavior when an item is referenced by an item that is not being deleted

    Determines the behavior when an item to be deleted is referenced by items that are not to be deleted. In this case, deleting the item would cause broken references, so the deletion is not allowed. The options are:

    • Stop, and do not delete anything

    • Deprecate the referenced items instead

    • Skip the referenced items

  4. A summary of the deleted items is displayed. If any options were referenced by items not to be deleted, these items are listed, along with the items that reference them.