Install and Configure the Workflow Service

  1. Install Workflow Service.

  2. Run the Workflow Service Installer.

    It will be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Colectica\Colectica Workflow Service by default.

  3. Edit Workflow Service Config files.

    1. Update the Algenta.Colectica.Workflow.Service.exe.config file

      Create a connection string to the colectica_workflow database named ColecticaWorkflow:

      <add name="ColecticaWorkflow"
           connectionString="Server=.; Initial Catalog=colectica_workflow; Integrated Security=SSPI;"
    2. Copy all connection strings created in Configure Workflow Website for source and target repositories to the connection strings of the Workflow Service

    3. If replicating files from a Colectica File Storage Service, configure the paths for each connection string name:

              <add key="ColecticaRepositoryPublic" value="c:\filestore-public\"/>
              <add key="localhost:19893" value="c:\filestore\"/>
    4. If an external script is required to replicate files from a Colectica File Storage Service, configure the external command to run for the target connection string names. The external script definition takes precedence over a defined FileStorePath if defined for a target. The format of the external command configuration is:

      FileName:scriptToRun.exe Arguments:-any -script -arguments

      There are several tokens that are available for replacement.

      • {sourceFile} : Path of original file
      • {fileId} : the file’s identifier
      • {pathPrefix} : the directory path within the file store, default is first two characters of the fileId, and then the fileId
      • {fileName} : Name of file to copy

      The external script is defined using the ExternalCopyCommands element:

               <add key="ColecticaRepositoryPublic" value="FileName:C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe Arguments:-ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File publicftpcopy.ps1 -sourceFile {sourceFile} -fileId {fileId} -fileName {fileName}" />


      An example publicftpcopy.ps1 script file is provided with the installation. It can be edited and used for ftp transfer.

  4. Install the workflow service using the install.bat file provided with the installation. Run this as an Administrator.

  5. Open the Services from the Administrative Tools. Start the Colectica Workflow Service.