Install and Configure the Workflow Preview Portal (Optional)ΒΆ

  1. Choose a Physical Path location for preview databases to be stored.

    By default this is c:\Colectica\WorkflowPreviewDatabases\. All Workflow related software will need access to this path. Installing on the same machine is a simple solution.

  2. Add file permissions to the user account that runs the Colectica Workflow Service, Colectica Preview Portal, and Colectica Workflow Website.

    The user must have read and write access to the physical path above.

  3. Install Colectica Portal.

    See also

    Use the Colectica Portal installation instructions. You can skip database and connection string configuration. This will be the Colectica Preview Portal for the workflow service to use.

  4. Edit the Config\Portal.Settings.config of the new installation.

    1. Change Portal to Preview Mode:

      <setting name="IsWorkflowPreview" serializeAs="String">
    2. Configure the Preview database Physical Path:

      <setting name="WorkflowPreviewFilePath" serializeAs="String">
  5. As a ColecticaAdmin user, open the Workflow Website Admin area, enable preview, and specify the Physical Path for preview databases.