Discoverability and Harvesting

Colectica Portal supports the Sitemap protocol and OAI-PMH.


Sitemaps are a way to inform search engines which pages on a web site are available for indexing. Colectica Portal may contain a large number of pages: one for every study, question, and variable in your repository. Providing a sitemap can be a useful way to increase the discoverability of your information.

To use Sitemaps with Colectica Portal, see the /portal/technical/cache-builder/index documentation.

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Visit to learn more about the Sitemap protocol.


The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) allows data providers to expose structured metadata that can be gathered by service providers.

Colectica Portal provides an OAI-PMH endpoint at http://{}/oai.

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Visit to learn more about OAI-PMH.