Users may be assigned one or more roles. The roles determine whether the user may search, submit, retrieve, and annotate items in the repository. Each web service method on the repository specifies which roles are required to complete the invocation.

Colectica Repository has three built-in roles to which users or groups of users may be assigned.


Read and write access to repository methods; read and write access to Colectica Portal configuration


Read and write access to repository methods


Read-only access to repository methods

For a method-by-method list of which Repository methods are available to which built-in role, see Repository Methods and Roles.

To learn how to assign users and groups to Colectica Repository roles, see:


Edit Users in Colectica Portal

Active Directory

Configure Active Directory

Roles control access to web service calls. For more fine-grained access controls, use Item Permissions and Item Type Permissions, as described in Permission Management.