The Users page displays a list of all system users, and allows creating and editing users.


The Users page is only available when using the built-in, database-backed user storage. If using Active Directory, user management can be performed using your normal user administration tools.

Create a New User

  1. Click the Create New User button.
  2. Enter the new user’s email address and a password.
  3. Click the Create User button.
  4. The new user will be created.

View User Details

  1. On the Users page, click a user’s email address.
  2. A page showing all the user information will be displayed.

Edit User Details and Roles

  1. When viewing a user’s detail page, click the Edit Details button.

  2. To edit user profile information, edit the fields as appropriate.

  3. To edit the roles to which a user is assigned, use the checkboxes next to ColecticaAdministrator, ColecticaUser, and ColecticaGuest.


    For details on each of the roles, see Roles.