File Attachments and Other Materials

Sometimes it may be useful to attach additional files to a metadata item. Colectica allows you to attach additional documents and files about items in the form of Other Materials and Attachments.

An Attachments is a related file, along with additional descriptive metadata about the file and its contents.

An Other Material is the DDI term for a file Attachment.

Attach a file an Item

  1. In an item’s view, click the Attachments button.

  2. Click the Plus button to add an attachment.

  3. In the fields that appear, enter a title for the file and select a URI for its location. The URI can be to a local file or to a web url location.

  4. After adding a file attachment, you can expand the Full Citation and Annotations drop down menus to add additional information about the attached file.



If you have configured a central Colectica Repository, you can install the Colectica Repository’s file store add-on to automatically upload and identify locally selected files and convert them to a repository managed file.