Validate DDI 3

Colectica can perform both first level and second level validation against your DDI files. This feature allows you to make sure your DDI is able to be used with other tools.

First Level Validation

  • Validate DDI files against the DDI 3.2 schema.

Second Level Validation

  • Identification
    • Detect identifiable items without an assigned identifier

    • Detect lack of an agency identifier at the top-level instance

    • Detect duplicated identifiers within a single maintainable

    • Detect invalid DDI URNs

    • Detect maintainable items without a specified agency identifier

  • Referencing
    • Detect references that point to non-existent objects

    • Detect references without an identifier specified

    • Detect ambiguous references

    • Detect references that do not specify agency identifiers

    • Detect references that do not specify version numbers

  • Versioning
    • Detect versionable items without assigned versions

Validate a DDI File

To validate a DDI file:

  1. From the File menu, choose Validate a DDI file.

  2. In the File Open dialog that appears, select a file.

  3. Colectica will perform the validation and display the results.