Site-wide Documentation Template Configuration

Colectica allows users to select a custom template when generating documentation. The template specifies the look and layout of the generated documentation. The files should be a plain HTML file, and may include references to stylesheets and resources.

Site-wide documentation template deployment

To deploy HTML templates for all users on a machine, you can place template folders in one of two locations.

Option 1


Option 2

Alternatively, you can specify the location of directory containing your templates in Colectica’s configuration file. The configuration file is located at:

%programfiles%\Colectica\Colectica Designer\ColecticaDesigner.exe.config

Include the full path of the directory containing your template files in the HtmlTemplateDirectory setting. You can use a path on the local disk or on a network share.

HTML template format

For details on the HTML template format, see Customize Documentation Templates.