Create an Organization

The curation tools support hosting multiple organizations on a single deployment. Each organization’s site is accessed from a host name unique to that organization, but only one deployment of the software is required.



Before configuring a new organization, a DNS hostname should exist, and should point to the IP address of the server on which the curation tools are deployed.

Web Server

Within the web server, the curation web application must be configured to accept connections on the hostname described above.

Curation Tools Configuration

  1. Click the Site Admin link in the navigation bar.

  2. Click the Organizations link.

  3. Click the Create a New Organization button.

  4. Complete the Create an Organization form.

    Organization Name

    The name of the organization.

    Host Name

    The DNS host name used to access the organization-specific curation site. If multiple organizations exist, this field is required. The web server must be configured to listen for requests on this host name.

    First Name

    The first name of the organization’s administrative user.

    Last Name

    The last name of the organization’s administrative user.

    Email Address

    The email address of the organization’s administrative user.


    The password for the organization’s administrative user.

  5. Press the Create button.

  6. Your organization will be created.