Organization Settings

  1. To edit an organization’s settings, click Admin ‣ Organizations, and then click the edit icon for the organization you wish to edit.

  2. On the settings page, fill in the appropriate settings and click the Save button.


The name of the archive. This name will appear on the login screen, as the page title, and in other areas of the user interface.
Image URL
The absolute URL to an image of a logo to be displayed on the login screen.
The hostname used to access this organization. When accessing the curation application via an organization-specific hostname, only information related to the corresponding organization will be available.
Agency ID

The DDI agency identifier of the organization.

See also

See for more information about DDI agency identifiers.

Contact Information
Contact information for the organization. This information will be copied into each catalog record as the owner contact field.

Storage Locations

Specifying storage locations is optional at the organization level. If storage locations are not specified here, the site-wide storage locations are used.

See also

See Provision Storage Areas for information about provisioning and configuring storage areas.

Ingest Directory
The disk location where newly ingested files will be stored.
Processing Directory
The disk location where files will be stored while being curated.
Archive Directory
The disk location where archive packages containing original files and published files will be stored.


Deposit Agreement

The text to which depositors must agree before submitting a catalog for curation.

This field supports Markdown formatting. Additionally, the following tokens are replaced with the appropriate text.

Token Text
@UserName The email address of the current user
@TermsOfServiceLink A link to the terms of service
@PolicyLink A link to the citation policy
@FullName The name of the current user
@Title The title of the catalog record being submitted
@Date The current date
@check A checkbox. All checkboxes must be checked in order for the user to submit a catalog record for curation.
Terms of Service
The terms of service which must be agreed to when creating a new account and when depositing a new catalog record.
Organization Citation Policy
Specifies how a catalog record should be cited. This information will be copied into each catalog record as the citation policy field.


Reply-to Address
The email address to set in the as the reply-to when sending automated notification emails.
Notification Email Closing
Text to include at the end of all notification emails.

Handle Service

A Handle is a unique and persistent identifier for a digital object.

Configuring a Handle service is optional. If one is configured, the curation system will automatically request Handle identifiers for catalog records and all files within a record when the catalog record is published.

See also

See for more information about using Handles as unique and persistent identifiers for digital objects.

Handle Server Address
The hostname of the Handle server.
Handle Group Name
The group name to use on the Handle server.
Handle Username
The username for the Handle service.
Handle Password
The password for the Handle service.

Account Creation

Allow Anonymous Registration
If checked, users will be able to register for new accounts from the home page. If not checked, new users must be created manually by administrators.