The Colectica Platform

The Colectica platform consists of several software applications, both for the desktop and the server.

Colectica for Excel

Colectica for Microsoft Excel Standard Edition is a free tool to document your spreadsheet data using the open standard for data documentation.

Colectica Reader

Colectica Reader is a free tool to view DDI 3 metadata.

Colectica Designer

Colectica Designer allows documenting datasets, data collection, and the full research lifeycle. It can be used with Colectica Repository in large organizations to provide advanced data management functionality. Colectica Designer complements existing systems by importing and generating various forms of data, documentation, and source code.

Colectica Repository

Colectica Repository is a centralized storage system for managing data resources, enabling collaborative workflows, and providing automatic version control.

Colectica Workflow Services

Colectica Workflow Services provides a publication workflow for data documentation.

Colectica RDF Services

Colectica RDF Services is an addin that allows querying DDI 3 as RDF using a SPARQL endpoint on top of Colectica Repository and Colectica Portal.

Colectica Curation Tools

The Colectica Curation Tools allow data archives to leverage the DDI standard for data documentation and to structure the curation workflow. The platform combines several open source off-the-shelf components with a new, web-based data pipeline application, and enables a seamless framework for collecting, processing, archiving, and publishing data. The platform enables open access to data resources that have been fully reviewed and enhanced for long term usability and analysis.

Colectica SDK

Colectica SDK is a Software Developer’s Kit that allows developers to create and process metadata with minimal effort.

Colectica Toolkit

Colectica Toolkit is a collection of command line tools designed to help your organization create and process metadata in an automated manner.