First Run ConfigurationΒΆ

The first time you access a newly installed deployment of Colectica Portal, you will see a configuration page.

Administrator Email
The email address of the administrator account to be created
Administrator Password
The password of the administrator account to be created
Site Name
The name of the site, as displayed in hte upper left corner of the site
Disk Cache Path
The disk location on the server where cache files can be stored
Allow Anonymous Access
Determines whether users who are not logged in can access the portal
Allow User Registration
Determines whether users who are not administrators can create their own accounts. If turned off, only administrators can create new accounts.


The Administrator Email and Administrator Password fields will not appear if Active Directory is used for authentication.

After entering the appropriate information, click the Get Started button to configure your site and visit the home page.


If you need to reset the administrator, you can add the email address of an existing user account to the DefaultAdminUser property in the PortalDir\appsettings.json, and restart the Portal.