Custom Views

Colectica Portal Addins allow custom item views. Custom views can be provided for custom item types, or they can override the default views for built-in item types.

To create a custom view, an addin should implement the IPortalViewInformation interface. In this implementation, you will:

  • Specify the type of item to which the view applies
  • Create a view model object based on the instantiated item to be viewed
  • Specify the name of the view

A Razor view (*.cshtml) must also be provided by the addin.

See also

For a sample addin project that implements a simple custom view, see https://github.com/Colectica/ColecticaSampleAddins/tree/master/src/Colectica.Portal.SampleAddins

Deploying Addins

To deploy a Colectica Portal addin, copy the addin assembly (*.dll) to PortalDir\addins.