The Reports page lets you view and download various reports that describe the contents and activity of Colectica Portal.

Choose Dates

By default, reports are generated for the most recent week. To change this date range, select a different Begin and End date, and click the Create Reports button.

Download a Report

To download any of the reports, click the download button in the top right area of the report.


The web display for each report only shows the top items; the downloadable report includes all items.


The Views report shows how many times each item has been viewed.

Views by User

The Views by User report shows how many pages each user has viewed, ordered by the users with the most views.


The Searches report shows the most common search queries.

Newly Published Items

The Newly Published Items report shows how many of each item type have been published during the requested time period.

New Item References

The New Item References report shows how many times items have been referenced by other items during the requested time period.

New Items Not Referenced

The New Items Not Referenced report shows a list of items that are not referenced by any other items. These items may be considered orphans, or their lack of references may be intentional