Update Web.Config for Colectica Portal

Database Configuration

Since Colectica supports multiple databases, you must configure which database Colectica Portal will use.

  1. In PortalDir\Web.config, find the section that looks like:

    <!--<connectionStrings configSource="Config\Repository.ConnectionStrings.Oracle.config" />-->
    <connectionStrings configSource="Config\Repository.ConnectionStrings.SqlServer.config" />
    <!--<connectionStrings configSource="Config\Repository.ConnectionStrings.Sqlite.config" />-->
    <!--<connectionStrings configSource="Config\Repository.ConnectionStrings.Postgres.config"/>-->
  2. By default, the SQL Server configuration is uncommented and the configuration for other databases is commented out.


    In XML, comments look <!-- like this -->.

  3. If you are using SQL Server as your database, you do not need to change this section.

  4. If you are using PostgreSQL as your database, comment out the SQL Server line, and uncomment the PostgreSQL line.

  5. Open the PortalDir\Config\Repository.ConnectionStrings.DatabaseName.config file.

  6. Edit the two connection strings as appropriate, especially ensuring your database password is correct.

General Configuration

You can also update several general settings in the PortalDir\Config\Portal.Settings.config file.