Upgrade Guide

If you already have an installation of Colectica Portal and would like to upgrade to a newer version, follow these instructions.

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For detailed instructions on first-time installation, see Deployment Guide.

  1. Download and extract the latest ColecticaPortal-version.zip file.

  2. Stop the Colectica Portal IIS site.

  3. Copy the new ColecticaPortal-version directory over your existing ColecticaPortal deployment directory, overwriting the existing files.

    Do not delete your existing directory; your existing configuration files will stay in place.

  4. Restart the Colectica Portal IIS site.

  5. Using your browser, test to ensure you have access to the portal.

Upgrading from Releases Earlier than 5.2.5635

Starting with version 5.2.5635, the Colectica Portal deployment package uses a simplified folder structure and has some different prerequisites. Follow these steps when upgrading from an earlier version to 5.2.5635 or higher. After upgrading using these steps, subsequent upgrades can be performed using the basic steps above.

  1. Install the .NET Core Windows Server Hosting Bundle. This can be downloaded from https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=817246
  2. After installing the bundle, execute iisreset at the command line or restart the server to pick up changes to the system PATH.
  3. Instead of overwriting your existing deployment files, deploy the Colectica Portal package to a new location.
  4. From your old location, copy the PortalDir\approot\packages\Colectica.Portal\1.0.0\root\appsettings.json to the root of your new deployment directory.
  5. Edit the Physical Path of your IIS web site to point to the deployment location. This should no longer end in wwwroot like the earlier versions did.
  6. Restart the IIS site and confirm that you can connect to your site using a web browser.
  7. Once you confirm everything is working, you may remove your old deployment files.